Dirt Rag magazine publishes my photo in their current issue

efp_150622_dirtrag_0002            efp_150622_dirtrag_0001

One of my most favorite biking magazines, Dirt Rag Magazine just published a favorite photo of mine in their current issue. And while it wasn’t for an assignment, I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s one of the best mountain bike mags out there and I’ve been reading it for years. Another cool thing is the shot features my friend Andrew Medley shredding at Waldo Lake in Oregon.

Personal Work: Mountain Biking in Grand Junction, Colorado

I went to Colorado last month with my buddy Matt for the Grand Junction Off Road Race. 40 miles of tough, technical singletrack. I was not in great form and crashed early on, but finished strong and can’t wait to go back in 2016. I was there to race, but got some shots of Matt during the pre-ride and the pros shredding the course on Sunday. Also some nice scenics and trails on the drive out there with some friends. Check out the favorites here.

Portraits for Nichols Booth Architects


efp-150319-lindsay-quinones-0062I just did a shoot for Nichols Booth, an award winning architecture firm in downtown San Francisco. They are overhauling their website and wanted some newer and creative shots of their staff, but with a little twist – the first thing you’ll see online is a shot of their shoes, then you roll over that image to reveal their portrait.

We all know that one’s shoes can say a lot about a person, so this was a great way to get to know each employee a little beyond their smiling face. Of course, it’s my job to bring more of that person’s personality out of those smiling faces and fortunately they were open to whatever I could come up. The staff really embraced my ideas and we ended up shooting all over the office with people riding bikes, making messes, leaping through the air, etc. Everyone was shot with different lighting and backgrounds so it was a busy couple of days, but the results are pretty great! Check out a gallery of a few favorites here, paired with their shoes.

My interview with Fulltimephotographer.com

Eric Frazier Portraits


An interview I did a couple months ago for fulltimephotographer.com just went up. It’s a great podcast by Josh Rossi where he interviews photographers around the country about their businesses and work. My interview delved into budgeting for video add-ons on still shoots, finding my rep, and client relationships, among other things. I had great fun doing it, especially since I got to babble about myself the whole time! 😉 Thanks again for having me Josh.

Hear it here.


Unique video for McGarvey Brown Wealth Management

efp_donbrownEarlier this year I was hired by Don Brown of McGarvey Brown Wealth Management to shoot and direct a video that is different than nearly any video his competition produces. Most videos for financial firms have a bunch of office shots, employees looking over papers, some talking heads saying how hard they’ll work for you and how respected they are, etc. etc.. In other words, boring!

This project was different. Don understood that for the wealthy clients he works with, honesty, reliability, brilliance with spreadsheets and tax codes, is just shooting par. They want to know the person in a deeper way – what does he do outside of work? What’s his family like? Can I relate to him in a way that gives me faith in his ability to handle all my family’s financial planning and investments?

To that end, we showed him mountain biking (his favorite sport), and having fun with his family, along with some nice shots of him at work in a suit – gotta show the business side! – but most importantly, interviews with him telling some of his story. Many subjects I’ve interviewed struggle on camera to say what they want, but Don was natural and comfortable and was really able to express why he’s in business as a wealth manager. The end result is a candid look into his life, in his words, which is exactly what we were after. It’s also the only video for a wealth manager that begins with mountain biking footage!

Click here to watch.