New Work – Shasta Winter

Along with the new website design, I put up some new images and video I shot in Mt Shasta, CA.  It was shot a few months ago, but it took awhile to get everything edited and uploaded.  It was a winter lifestyle stock shoot and the thing I’m most excited about is using the new Canon 5D Mark II for stills and video.  By itself, the camera isn’t the most ergonomic for video (mostly due to the manual focus), but the image quality is incredibly good.  Add to that use of any Canon lenses, and the possibilities are unprecedented in that price range.  I’ve gotten to try it with a Red Rock Micro rig with follow focus and it worked well. Lots of new companies are making rigs now, so the prices are coming down, too.

Overall the shoot was a great success and I think the ability to use the same camera for both mediums really gives a seamless look when stills and video are mixed, as I did in the Shasta video on my website.  Big thanks to Dogsled Express. Check it out:  Shasta Winter Project

Hello Blog World!

Welcome to my new blog and website!  The new site went live last week and so far has been getting a great response.  The navigation is smooth and straightforward and the images look great really big.  I want to give a big shout-out to those that helped in the design, including Sara, Tyler, and Jamey.  I also want to thank A Photo Folio for hosting my new site.  Their interface is great and customer support has been stellar, even for my many dumb questions.

I’ll be updating this blog often to talk about my current projects, but also to add links and photos from friends and colleagues, as well as interesting things I come across in the photo world.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to leave comments!